Polystichum craspedosorum (Maxim.) Diels

Shield fern

Etymology Craspedosorum is from kraspedon, fringe + sorum, the spore dots, seemingly referring to fringed sori.
Description Rhizome: erect, small, bearing a few fronds in a whorl, persistent into the next season, scales lanceolate, gradually narrowing towards caudate apex, 2--4 mm long, brown.
Frond: 18 cm high by 4 cm wide, evergreen, monomorphic, blade/stipe ratio: 6:1.
Stipe: grooved, rather densely scaly throughout, vascular bundles: 4 or more, in an arc.
Blade: 1-pinnate, lanceolate, blades almost horizontal, widest at the middle, the proliferous tip rooting, papyraceous. matt-green, lanceolate to linear, rachis with yellowish brown to brown, and hair-margined scales, pinnae with linear scales on lower surface.
Pinnae: 20 to 35 pair, oblong-ovate, round at apex, short-stalked, 1--3 cm long; margins shallowly dentate ; veins free, forked, anadromic.
Sori: round, in 1 rows near the margin, indusium: peltate, large, persistent, overlapping, brown, central.
Culture Habitat: on rocky slopes in moist places in mountain forests, often forming colonies. Distribution: eastern Siberia, China, Japan, Korea, Manchuria. Hardy to -25░C, USDA Zone 5.
Aspidium craspedosorum Maxim.
Ptilopteris craspedosora (Maxim.) Hayata
Dryopteris craspedosora O. Ktze.
Hemesteum craspedosorum LÚveillÚ
Polystichum leucochlamys Christ
Ptilopteris craspedosora (Maxim.) Hayata
Polystichum craspedosorum
Polystichum craspedosorum. Sori lead-gray.  Photo: Hideto Araki, from the site Ferns in Japan, with permission.
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