Lygodium Swartz (Lygodiaceae) Earlier placement: Schizaeaceae

Climbing fern

Etymology Greek: lygodes, meaning flexible, because the rachis is flexuous, meaning it bends alternately from side to side
Description Rhizome: creeping, branching, short, blackish hairs.
Frond: deciduous, monomorphic.
Stipe: twining, vascular bundles: 1, a simple cylinder.
Blade: 2-pinnate, twining rachis, palmate or pinnate pinnae.
Pinnae: alternate, veins free.
Sori: , indusium: false, hood-shaped, sporangia: in 2 rows.
Distinctive Characteristics the twining nature of the stipe and rachis
Lygodium japonicum
Lygodium japonicum  
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