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Major Fern Links

    Adiantum  Arachniodes
    Aspidotis  Asplenium
    Astrolepis  Athyrium
    Blechnum  Cheilanthes
    Cryptogramma  Cyrtomium
    Cystopteris  Dennstaedtia
    Deparia  Diplazium
    Dryopteris  Gymnocarpium
    Lygodium  Matteuccia
    Onoclea  Oreopteris
    Osmunda  Pellaea
    Phegopteris  Pleopeltis
    Polypodium  Polystichum
    Pteridium  Pteris
    Pyrrosia  Thelypteris
    Woodsia  Woodwardia

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The primary advantage of logging in is to enable changes to this site. That includes:
  • linking to fern resources around the web,
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This site is focused on diagnostics of hardy ferns, so notes and links ought to be addressed to that subject.

Secondary benefits are access to the What's new? page and posting to a forthcoming What fern is this? page.

Finally, if you have a favorite fern and would like to sponsor its web page, use the mailbox link at the bottom to arrange it.


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