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Aspidotis (Nuttall ex Hooker & Baker) Copeland (Pteridaceae) Earlier placement: Adiantaceae, Cheilanthaceae, Sinopteridaceae, Parkeriaceae

Lace fern

Etymology From the Greek aspidotes, shield-bearer, referring to the shield-like false indusia.
Description Rhizome: short-creeping, scales brown to black or often bicolored with dark central stripe.
Frond: evergreen, monomorphic or nearly so.
Stipe: dark reddish brown, with single groove, glabrous, vascular bundles: 1.
Blade: 3-pinnate at base, or more, triangular, leathery , glabrous.
segments linear, veins obscure, free.
Sori: sporangia, submarginal, continuous along length of segments except at apex, indusium: false, inrolled margin, broad, thin, dry, sporangia: dark brown.
Distinctive Characteristics Separated from Cheilanthes based on its elongate, distantly dentate, glabrous, pointed segments with striate shining surface and on its broad, thin, dry indusia.
Aspidotis. Habitat: Sierra Plumas Eureka State Park (Plumas County, California, US)  Gerald and Buff Corsi California Academy of Sciences
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